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April 11, 2023 | 2 min read

UK Uncovered: Totnes, Devon

Acorn Property Invest is proud to present Riverside at Baltic Wharf, which offers qualified investors an opportunity to fund a design-led development in Totnes, Devon. In this article, we look at the area and what it offers investors.

By Jacob Baxter
Riverside at Baltic Wharf - Totnes, Devon Acorn Property Group Development
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Totnes is a historic market town located in the heart of South Devon, England. Nestled on the banks of the River Dart, this charming town boasts a rich and fascinating history dating back over 1,000 years. Totnes is renowned for its picturesque streets lined with independent shops, cafes, galleries, and its vibrant community. Featuring stunning natural beauty, a unique culture, and a relaxed atmosphere, it is soon to become home of Acorn Property Group’s development Riverside at Baltic Wharf; an excellent potential investment opportunity for certified investors.

Riverside at Baltic Wharf

Acorn Property Invest is proud to present Riverside at Baltic Wharf in Totnes, Devon. Our investment offer for this development combines a fixed return with a share of profits. This investment model offers certified investors a potentially beneficial opportunity to finance the creation of this design-driven development while maximising their returns. 

The stunning Riverside at Baltic Wharf is an Acorn Property Group project that will be developed over a number of phases which is anticipated to deliver one hundred and thirty-seven open market 1–4-bedroom apartments and houses, a proportion of affordable homes, and several commercial units for office, retail, hospitality and boatyard use. 

As with all of our developments, Acorn Property Group aims to build energy-efficient, sustainable, and high-quality apartments and houses. 

Totnes, Devon
Totnes, Devon Village

Why invest in Totnes, Devon?

Totnes is in a sought-after area as it is classified as a "market town" - which is highly attractive to prospective buyers due to its high house prices, urban amenities, and excellent transport links. Housing supply is also in high demand and house price growth in the South West is stronger than in any other part of the country. Taking all of this into consideration, this potentially favourable investment opportunity is especially appealing to certified investors.

How to get started with Acorn Property Invest

If you are a certified investor seeking a potentially profitable investment opportunity, we invite you to consider adding Riverside at Baltic Wharf to your investment portfolio. We encourage you to explore the Riverside at Baltic Wharf development project further or register for a look at the full investment summary.


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