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April 06, 2023

UK Uncovered: Wrington, Somerset 

Acorn Property Invests' latest investment offering, Gatcombe Orchard, offers certified investors a chance to fund the creation of a design-led development in Wrington, Somerset. In this article, we look at the area and what it offers investors.

By Jacob Baxter
Gatcombe Orchard - Wrington, Somerset Acorn Property Group Development
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Wrington is a charming village located in Somerset in the UK and is home to Acorn Property Group’s latest development, Gatcombe Orchard. Situated just a few miles south of Bristol, Wrington is surrounded by picturesque countryside and boasts a rich history and a strong sense of community. With its quaint buildings, lively pubs, and welcoming locals, Wrington offers visitors a taste of traditional English village life while still providing easy access to Bristol's bustling city and the natural beauty of the Mendip Hills. 

Gatcombe Orchard

Acorn Property Invest’s' latest investment offering is Gatcombe Orchard in the village of Wrington, Somerset. This distinct investment model offers a prospect for certified investors to help fund the creation of this design-led development while maximising their returns by pairing the certainty of a fixed return with a projected share of the profits. 

Gatcombe Orchard will comprise thirty-seven 2, 3 and 4-bedroom homes, of which three will be assigned to affordable housing. In line with our goals to build energy-efficient and sustainable homes, Gatcombe Orchard will also feature a 10% uplift in Biodiversity Net Gain and offer extensive open space, an orchard, and a play area. 

Gatcombe Orchard - Wrington, Somerset Acorn Property Group Development
Wrington, Somerset Village

Why invest in Wrington, Somerset?

There are several reasons why investing in Wrington, Somerset might be a wise decision; its natural beauty, a healthy sense of community, and access to Bristol all make it a desirable location. Moreover, according to Somerset Council, Somerset's population growth is expected to rise by 9.7% by 2026. Consequently, the surrounding area may experience an increase in housing demand, making the site a potentially attractive investment option.

How to get started with Acorn Property Invest

If you are seeking a potentially lucrative investment opportunity and possess the necessary credentials, Gatcombe Orchard may be the prospect that aligns with your investment goals. For further information, kindly peruse the Gatcombe Orchard development project or register to view the full breakdown of the Gatcombe Orchard investment.


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