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Fully Funded
111% Raised
St Leonards Quarter, Exeter, row of houses, property developer
Exeter, Devon

St. Leonards Quarter

Term3 years
Raise total£5,800,000
Invest from£5,000
InstrumentRedeemable Shares
109% Raised
The Dunes, Acorn Property Invest
South West of England and Wales

Acorn Portfolio Product

Term1, 3, 5 years
Raise total£3,000,000
Invest from£10,000
InstrumentRedeemable Share
37% Raised
Gatcombe Orchard, Wrington, Bristol, Acorn Property Invest
Wrington, Somerset

Gatcombe Orchard

Term2.5 years
Raise total£2,300,000
Invest from£25,000
InstrumentRedeemable Shares
26% Raised
Riverside at Baltic Wharf, Totnes
Totnes, South Devon

Riverside at Baltic Wharf

Term4 years
Raise total£5,000,000
Invest from£5,000