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June 13, 2024

Acorn Property Invest Explained

In our latest video, we provide you with a summary of key points about who we are, the opportunities we offer, and the benefits of investing with us. To get the full details, make sure to watch the full video.

By Will Carter
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Who is Acorn Property Invest?

Acorn Property Invest is the investment division of Acorn Property Group, established in 1995. We're a respected housebuilder with a strong presence in the South West of England and South Wales. We offer investment products to qualifying investors to help finance our developments. 

Learn more about our history and mission

What is the opportunity?

We provide investors with a chance to finance our bespoke, design-led developments. Investors can choose between a profit share on project completion or a fixed return over a set period. 

Discover the investment opportunities we offer

Why does Acorn need investors' money?

We use investors' capital to fill the gap between bank financing and our project requirements. This gap is traditionally filled with Mezzanine Finance. Our model offers a unique opportunity for investors to participate in this profitable segment. 

Learn more about how our investment works

How are you able to offer double-digit returns?

Our investment products offer double-digit returns by resembling mezzanine financing, typically yielding 10-20%* per year.

*Returns are not guaranteed. As with all investments there are risks. Please make sure you read the Risk Warnings.

What type of investments do you offer?

We offer two main types of investments: Site Specific Investments and Portfolio Investments. Each type has its own benefits and structure, tailored to meet different investor needs. 

Explore the types of investments we offer

What are the benefits of investing this way vs physical property?

Investing with Acorn offers an easy way to diversify your portfolio without the hassles of property ownership. No stamp duty, no management fees, and a straightforward investment process.

We hope this blog post has piqued your interest in Acorn Property Invest and the opportunities we offer. For a deeper dive, be sure to watch the video above. If you have any questions or are ready to invest, feel free to reach out to us.

If you are a certified investor seeking a potentially profitable investment opportunity, we invite you to consider adding Acorn Property Invest to your portfolio. Register for a look at our full investment summaries. 


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