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March 14, 2024 | 2 min read

Lee Bay Update - March 2024

Since completing the fundraising at our exciting new development Lee Bay in North Devon, our teams have been hard at work finalising plans on bringing the scheme to life.

By Will Carter
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Site Clearing

The first task at hand has been to clear the site. Given the derelict nature of the old hotel, this, in itself, has been a mammoth task. The team has moved swiftly through this, which now makes way for the demolition team to access all areas of the site and begin the next phase and subsequent groundworks.

Aerial photograph of the site at Lee Bay

Sales and Marketing

The marketing team has been working hard to agree on the correct branding for the site. With such a rare and exclusive development in an area of outstanding beauty, it's important that the brand identity showcases how special the scheme and surroundings are.  

Preliminary sales details are being prepared in readiness for the sales teams to being speaking to potential customers who have expressed an early interest in the scheme. Given the scarcity of new build, high-end properties in areas as beautiful as Lee Bay, we've had high interest from buyers throughout the planning process, eager to find out more.

Early draft of the magnificent Lee Bay
Areal CGI showcasing Acorn's Lee Bay Development

To assist with off plan sales, we have recently partnered with Norwegian company Visuado, who lead the field in state-of-the-art CGI technology. For Lee Bay they are creating a full CGI model where users will be able to view the immediate surroundings of the scheme and interactively choose individual properties to view. They will be able to take a virtual tour of each property which will help bring customers get a more realistic feel for what life at Lee Bay will be like.

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