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Project Updates
September 06, 2023

Gatcombe Orchard Update - September 2023

Exciting Development Progress at Gatcombe Orchard in Wrington, Somerset.

By Will Carter
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Construction Progress

At Gatcombe Orchard in Wrington, Somerset, exciting developments are underway. Our construction efforts are moving forward smoothly.

Site Clearing and Groundworks

The first phase of our construction journey began with the clearing of the site. We've been working tirelessly to prepare the groundwork for the upcoming development. One of the key challenges we faced was the sloping nature of the site. To ensure that each home has a level garden, we've designed the development into three tiers or enclaves. This approach ensures that every resident will enjoy a beautiful, level outdoor space.

Block and Beam Installations

We're thrilled to announce that work on many of the plots has now officially commenced with the installation of block and beam foundations, a crucial step in the construction process.

Bricklaying and Scaffolding

Our skilled bricklayers are scheduled to start their work later this month. As the brickwork takes shape, you'll be able to visualise the distinctive character of Gatcombe Orchard. Additionally, scaffolding is being erected to support the construction process, ensuring the safety and efficiency of our team.


Our dedicated in-house sales teams have been hard at work as we finalise our sales strategy and schedules, all designed to help us achieve our target values.

Coming Soon Campaign

Exciting news for those eagerly anticipating the opportunity to make Gatcombe Orchard their home: a "coming soon" campaign will launch on Rightmove next month. This campaign is just one part of our extensive marketing efforts aimed at building a robust database of potential homebuyers.

High Demand in the Local Area

Early enquiries from our database have revealed a remarkable demand for housing like ours in the local area. To accommodate this demand, we've made strategic plans. The first homes will be released for sale from our Marketing Suite at our Bucklands Place scheme in Nailsea. Sales are scheduled to commence in mid-November.

Gatcombe Orchard's Marketing Suite and Show Home

Our Marketing Suite at Gatcombe Orchard is on track to open its doors by the end of the year, and the Show Home will follow in the spring of 2024.

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