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The Benefits of Property Investment in South West of England

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November 20, 2019

As experienced and seasoned housebuilders, Acorn is always at the forefront of industry innovation. This ensures that we can tap into a tangible need for housing in areas of low supply and high demand. The South West of England and South Wales includes numerous desirable and prospering locations, but the supply of good quality property is remarkably poor.

Furthermore, most of these locations have unique characteristics which means that “standard” housing just won’t fulfil needs and expectations. Instead, these locations require bespoke, high-quality and well-considered developments that reflect the local community’s requirements and respond to a wide range of demands.

With sites throughout the South West, across Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, the Vale of Glamorgan and the Cotswolds, the team at Acorn are actively responding to these requirements with bespoke residential-led new developments and regeneration projects.

A Stable Region

From an investment point of view, these regions are consistently stable with regards to price. Demand outstrips supply and the properties are reasonably affordable, translating to stability throughout the investment process for both Acorn and the purchasers. Property investors in the South West benefit from an enviable buyer demographic with a market predominantly made up of mortgage-free purchasers, families, downsizers, and retirement buyers. As the most affluent and sustainable economic group of purchasers, this also offers financial strength in the long-term both for our development model and for investor security and peace of mind.
Using our experience, innovative vision and in-depth market insights, we create bespoke developments to reflect local community needs and desires, including the development of a wide variety of urban, rural, brownfield, greenfield and conversion sites.

Strength in Numbers
Our regeneration projects often include listed buildings that meet the almost insatiable demand for original period features and unique dwellings. We also develop well-located seaside residential sites in response to the high levels of demand for such properties from retirees, second homers and tourists, the latter of which exceed 21 million annually to the South West.

South Devon alone received a record number of tourists in 2018, and the upward trend has continued in 2019 with a 20 per cent increase in overseas traffic to the area.
The region provides a highly desirable lifestyle and environment which are much sought-after by older residents. It also attracts families thanks to a wide range of good schools as well as a beautiful lifestyle, landscape and coastland. It offers excellent travel links both around the region and beyond by road, rail and air, including high-speed train services to London and other major cities.

Second Home Ownership

All of these benefits work together to attract continued demand from both those seeking to live full time in the area – that’s 5.5 million people and counting – as well as dual home occupiers, which is a rapidly expanding market due to the internet and home working, and “tourist” buyers interested in a second home option.
In addition, the region’s natural beauty, good connectivity and healthy house prices continue to attract more retired people than any other UK region, with the South West also home to almost a fifth of the UK’s retirees.
This requirement for high quality property only looks set to increase as the region is enjoying a growing population as well as improved transport links, increased connectivity and accessibility.
As a far more affordable alternative to London and the South East, the South West economy is also flourishing thanks to the influx of information technology innovation as well as wider business development interests focused in the region. All of these benefits continue to drive more demand to provide a stable domestic market for developers such as Acorn.

Prime Locations

Nationally Acorn sees the South West as the most positive region thanks to great diversity and a stable market. With fourteen live sites across the South West and eleven more sites coming soon, our portfolio comprises diverse opportunities from prestigious, new-build flats, exquisite waterside homes and vast family residences to listed cottages with beautiful period features.

With 2100 homes in the existing development pipeline and 1,250 homes in the course of construction over the next 3-5 years, there are ample opportunities to invest in the flourishing South West region. Contact us today for more details.