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May 04, 2023 | 5 min read

Sustainability at Acorn - A Discussion with Julian Hampson, Group Design Director

Are you interested in learning more about sustainable communities and how they're built? In this video, we hear from the design director and architect, Julian Hampson, covering the following key aspects of sustainability at Acorn. 

By Will Carter
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The Evolution of Sustainable Development

The concept of sustainability has been around for over 30 years, but it's only now starting to gain mainstream attention. Sustainable development is the joining together of various green issues from site acquisition and design to the building process, product usage, and end-of-life maintenance. The goal is to bring everyone together so that all decisions are sustainable decisions that move the team towards a common sustainable agenda.

Sustainable Building Techniques

Sustainability has been embraced in the design of new residential units. With new technology, homes can be built with greater energy efficiency in the envelope, ventilation systems with heat recovery, and photovoltaics for generating electricity. This means that homes require less energy for heating, which in turn reduces the energy bill. Builders are also incorporating electric systems which are easier and cheaper to maintain, cheaper to install, and reduce the reliance on heating plants.

Reuse of Brownfield Sites

Brownfield sites, previously developed sites, are often used for new developments because of their proximity to existing infrastructure. They also tend to be closer to towns and cities, reducing the need for long commutes. The reuse of brownfield sites helps to reduce the impact on greenfield sites, leaving more natural spaces to nature. This includes the reuse of buildings, which can be revitalized to make them more suitable for modern living.

Providing a Full Package

Designers and builders are creating sustainable communities with the goal of providing a full package for residents. This includes good design, flood-free living spaces, good placemaking, and a sense of community. The green side of sustainable development is a critical component, as it ensures that homes are energy-efficient and cheap to run. A focus on sustainability and the creation of communities that meet the needs of residents is critical to ensuring that they last for generations to come.


Sustainable development is the future of building. It's no longer just an option, but a requirement. As a society, we must embrace the principles of sustainability in order to protect the environment, create healthy living spaces, and ensure economic viability. This video is a must-watch for anyone interested in the future of sustainable communities.

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