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April 23, 2024

Exploring SSAS Pensions and Property Investments

In the latest episode of the Acorn Property Invest podcast, host Lewis Jones is joined by pension expert Paul Davies to discuss the intricate world of Self-Administered Pension Schemes (SSAS) and their unique benefits for property investment.

By Will Carter
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Meet the Experts

Lewis Jones: With a rich background in financial advising, Lewis brings deep insights into investment opportunities.

Paul Davies: Specialising in pension schemes, Paul offers an expert view on leveraging SSAS for securing a financially sound future.

Understanding SSAS Pensions

Paul begins by demystifying SSAS for listeners. He describes SSAS as a pension scheme designed for business directors and employees, allowing them more control over their retirement investments. Key features include tax benefits, flexible investment options, and the ability to lend to one’s own business.

Who Benefits from a SSAS Pension?

Ideal for individuals keen on managing their retirement plans directly, SSAS appeals to those who prefer direct involvement over being an anonymous account number in a giant fund.

Advantages of SSAS Pensions

Paul highlights how SSAS can be particularly beneficial for investing in both commercial and residential properties through loanbacks—a prime interest for many.

Investment Flexibility

SSAS offers diverse investment avenues from commercial real estate and stocks to unconventional assets like whisky and crypto. Paul emphasises the scheme’s adaptability to various investment profiles.

Starting with a SSAS Pension

For those considering SSAS, Paul advises reaching out to experts. With regulations frequently changing, a consultation can clarify if SSAS aligns with their financial goals.

Acorn Property Invest and SSAS

Lewis explains how Acorn Property Invest facilitates property investments through SSAS, allowing clients to invest passively, avoiding direct management hassles associated with property ownership.

Distinctive Strategies in Property Investment

Utilising SSAS funds in property investment offers distinct advantages like significant returns and robust investment security, with Acorn boasting a strong track record of over £100m repaid to investors.

Addressing Misconceptions

A common misunderstanding is that with a SSAS you cannot invest in property. Paul and Lewis correct this by explaining the scheme’s capacity for real estate investment, ideal for those interested in the property sector.

Future of SSAS Pensions and Property Investment

Looking ahead, Paul is optimistic about more freedom in pension investments, noting recent regulatory relaxations that could encourage more individuals, including women and emerging entrepreneurs, to consider SSAS.


The podcast wraps up with Paul urging listeners to consider SSAS if they're serious about a hands-on approach to their pensions and investments. Both Lewis and Paul advocate for leveraging SSAS to its full potential, especially in property investment through platforms like Acorn Property Invest.

This conversation sheds valuable light on SSAS pensions, illustrating how tailored investment strategies, particularly in property, can significantly enhance retirement portfolios.

For further details on how you can leverage this avenue for a hassle-free SSAS eligible property investment experience, register now to explore the offerings and gain insights into maximising your financial returns.


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