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December 07, 2023

Introducing SSAS-Eligible Commercial Property Development Investments

By Will Carter
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We are pleased to introduce our latest investment opportunity at Acorn Property Invest. As the commercial property development sector expands, we have successfully integrated our offerings with the flexibility and advantages of Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSAS).

Why the Acorn Property Invest SSAS-Eligible investment opportunity stands out:

SSAS Eligibility: We are focused on investment opportunities that are fully SSAS eligible, ensuring that investors can leverage the unique benefits of SSAS pension schemes.

Expertise in Commercial Property: Acorn Property Group has a track record of success in commercial property development, offering a diverse range of projects, from office spaces to retail units and industrial properties.

Diversification: Acorn Property Invest emphasises diversification, allowing SSAS pension investors to spread their capital across a variety of commercial property investments, minimising risk and generating potential returns.

Income Generation: SSAS-Eligible products include income options, potentially providing investors with a steady income stream over a fixed period. 

Tax Efficiency: Our SSAS-eligible product provides tax-efficient benefits by offering opportunities to reduce taxable income, defer taxes on investment growth, and potentially minimise inheritance tax liabilities. 

Transparency and Support: We are committed to transparency and investor education, ensuring that clients understand the investment process and are equipped to make informed decisions. Our team provides ongoing support throughout the investment journey.

Compliance: Our SSAS-eligible investments operate in compliance with all relevant regulatory frameworks, ensuring that SSAS investments are managed in accordance with industry standards and legal requirements.

Why invest with Acorn Property Invest?

By choosing Acorn Property Invest, investors gain access to SSAS-eligible commercial property development opportunities that offer potential for long-term growth and income. Our dedication to SSAS compatibility, combined with our expertise in commercial property, sets us apart as a trusted partner for investors seeking to unlock the full potential of their SSAS-pensions through strategic and diversified investments.

How to get started with Acorn Property Invest

For investors who hold a SSAS pension who are looking to invest, we encourage them to view our SSAS-eligible development project. Register now for a comprehensive view of the full investment summary.

It's important to note that while SSAS pensions offer significant benefits and flexibility, it also comes with responsibilities and regulatory compliance requirements. Proper financial advice and guidance are crucial when setting up and managing a SSAS to ensure that it meets your specific financial goals and complies with legal and tax regulations. Additionally, the rules and regulations regarding pensions and investments may change over time, so it's essential to stay informed and seek professional advice when necessary.


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