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Why is Acorn issuing Corporate Bonds?

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November 12, 2019

Acorn is an award-winning and renowned housebuilder and one of the most successful and active bespoke developers in the UK. The issue of Acorn’s corporate bonds is driven by our desire to further expand our business across the South West of the country and to obtain longer-term funding for larger longer-term schemes.

We are focused on regeneration and development in this region due to the clear imbalance between demand and supply which has led to a real need for high-quality housing. Every Bond investment complements our existing funding resources to enable further expansion of our business in these key locations. Investments also support our expanding roster of new builds and regeneration projects designed to reduce the housing shortage.

Current and Future Developments

We have successfully purchased and secured planning permissions for numerous sites throughout the South West of England and South Wales. The Bond investments will support both these sites and future developments, many of which we are already in the process of buying or securing planning permission for.

When it comes to our existing development pipeline, investor’s funds are incorporated into Acorn’s development funding model via the corporate bond issue. The funds then sit alongside Acorn’s equity and senior bank debt.


The bond issue also sits firmly in line with Acorn’s innovative and insightful approach that has allowed the group to build such a strong market presence. Very few respected property companies have previously sought equity funding via the bond model. However, Acorn believes the long-term, low interest rate environment and the growth of web-based investments make bond issues the future for quality medium-sized housebuilders like us.

Thanks to our healthy balance sheet, turnover and profits, together with decades of experience and skilled regional and national teams, we can utilise the Bond investments to help us deliver excellent, much-needed homes.

Different by Design

We have a deep respect and understanding of our region’s unique environment; all Acorn developments are designed to support community creation and nurture long-term regeneration in areas where it is greatly needed.

Your Bond investment contributes to our ongoing proven track record of delivering complex, large-scale residential-led developments throughout urban and rural locations in the South West. We have been consistently recognised for our imaginative, innovative design and hands-on management process – together, these ensure that we deliver outstanding places to live. Our corporate bond issue and your investment help to make this happen.

Our Ambitions

Our parent company and investment guarantor RST Group Holdings Limited is seeking to raise £10,000,000 through this issue of corporate bonds with a minimum investment of £5000 and increments of £1000 thereafter.

Delivering Value

The ultimate goal of our corporate bonds is to reduce Acorn’s total blended interest cost on developments to maximise profitability. If you want to be part of this innovative and rewarding venture within a Group that delivers consistent value through considered analysis, experience, design and imagination, contact our expert team today to find out more about corporate bond investment.